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Beyond an event, Earnix Excelerate is an engaging, multi-faceted educational resource.

It is an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine everything you know about the insurance and banking industries. We bring together top insurance experts, thought leaders, analysts and more, to share their knowledge of the industry and offer insight into where it’s headed. Through inspiring keynotes, attendees are challenged, educated, and given a roadmap for how to succeed in the constantly evolving insurance and banking industries.

Key topics and themes
Leveraging Data & Analytics
IoT in Action
Efficient Model Management
Evolving Industry Trends
Overcoming Legacy Challenges
Customer-centric Experiences
Transparent AI
Personalized Engagements
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Excelerate 2024 is around the corner

This September, join us in London for two days of impactful insurance insights, perspectives, case studies, approaches and so much more. With hundreds of professionals having attended last year, this year's Summit is expected to be even bigger and better. Now’s the time to discover what opportunities lie ahead and strive forward in making them a reality. ​