Our People

What drives us forward

Our organization is filled with blue-sky thinkers and detailed planners spotting transformation opportunities and charting the most strategic steps to maximize them. We see ourselves as global leaders tasked with fundamentally transforming untapped markets and pushing the boundaries of our industry. Our industry-leading technology and decades of experience positions us to enable transformation, anticipate new opportunities, and accelerate customer success.

Get There, Together

We are at our best for our customers when we are going deep, making rational decisions, and creating impact on industries and businesses. Partnering closely with our customers enables us to anticipate their needs, tailor technology to their goals, and empower them to conquer ongoing transformation with confidence.


You’re invited to transform an industry. We’re looking for those with a desire to be the disruptor they were born to be. As we revolutionize the way banks and insurers provide personalized products, services, and experiences, we’re seeking new members to add to our collective expertise. This is your opportunity to stand out as we make real-time mission critical impact for our customers.


  • Robin Gilthorpe

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ronit Maor

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sammy Krikler

    Founder & Chief Insurance Officer

  • Craig Campestre

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • David Howland

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dror Pockard

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Osnat Yanushevsky Yacoby

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Erez Barak

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Orna Balderman

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Be'eri Mart

    Chief Product Officer & Head of Global Banking

  • Adrian Coupland

    Head of Sales, Insurance, EMEA

  • Edwin Amerman

    Head of Sales, Insurance, North America

Board of Directors

  • Erel Margalit

    Chairman, Earnix | Chairman & Founder, JVP

  • Amit Frenkel

    General Partner, Vintage Investment Partners

  • Gadi Porat

    General Partner, JVP

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Managing Director, Insight Partners

  • Haim Shani

    Co-founder and General Partner, Israel Growth Partners

  • Robin Gilthorpe

    Chief Executive Officer, Earnix

  • Sammy Krikler

    Founder & Chief Insurance Officer, Earnix

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