Health insurance software:
what customers want, exactly how they want it

Change everything about how you offer health insurance. Imagine offering customers new products dynamically as their needs change. Carriers who can easily change the parameters and create new offers to match their customers’ unique situation will find themselves with a healthier bottom line.

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Health insurance competition is on the rise

More brokers and aggregators are flooding the health insurance market and new pricing strategies and product bundles are being introduced almost on a daily basis. By embracing personalization and offering customers health coverage products that are relevant to their needs and preferences carriers can set themselves apart in the market.

Be more than a policy provider to your customers
Earnix’s sophisticated product personalization capabilities enable your organization to build trust and gain the insights to provide special care.
With personalization, your customers are more likely to pay a premium knowing that they are getting a product that has been designed especially for them.
Our AI and machine learning capabilities enable you to achieve real-time engagement, recognize new customer insurance needs quickly and realign your offering - delighting those who remain your customers.

The most relevant health insurance you can offer your customers

The advanced analytics, automation, and integrated machine learning of our Enterprise Rating Engine empowers you to provide fast offer delivery of accurate health insurance offerings that are highly relevant to your changing customers’ needs.

Our technology makes your health insurance intelligent insurance

By integrating our AI/ML capabilities to rate calculation and deployment, to align strategy with impactful contextual delivery, you can offer more personalized health insurance bundles in real-time. Start enjoying complete governance, control, and compliance across your entire health insurance rate-setting process.

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