Today’s Businesses Need Tomorrow’s Commercial P&C Insurance Solutions

In our dynamic market, where changing conditions make it crucial to be able to update models in real-time, carriers need an edge. To distance themselves from the growing competition, insurance companies need to offer rates faster to create value for themselves and their customers.
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Rapid market change demands accelerated rating

In today’s turbulent economy, commercial customers are constantly weighing their coverage against their business’ true risk. By reducing your rating time to market you can provide the appropriate coverage options that offer better customer value, while delivering the fast turnaround customers expect.

Keep up with the market. And customer demands.

Earnix’s Commercial P&C insurance solution is designed to enable you to adapt your offering to today’s volatile market conditions. The Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine accelerates the right rates through the Earnix pricing and personalization applications to create offers that deliver on customers’ expectations, improving retention and loyalty.

Our technology makes faster rating possible

For commercial clients, timing is everything. Our technology and AI/ML capabilities enable you to produce faster, more accurate rate calculation in milliseconds, not minutes. Leveraging the capabilities in Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine, Pricing, and Personalization allows you to create product demand models and determine the best bundle based on your customers’ business goals.

Deliver results
Faster rate deployment. Better for their business and yours.

Earnix allows you to deploy more dynamic, data-driven commercial insurance offerings for your customers in response to market changes automatically and maximize performance while reducing your need for manual management. Take advantage of the accelerated rate deployment, analytical prowess, and advanced AI and machine learning technology the Earnix system runs on.

Less risk. More growth.

When you can align your pricing strategies with precise end-customer and organizational risk factors, you can ensure that the right prices and bundles get to the right touchpoints, reducing risk and maximize revenues from every offer.

Become a value-adding part of your commercial customer’s business

Deliver the tailored experiences end-customers expect to gain loyalty, reduce churn, and become a proactive part of the success of your customers’ business. By better understanding customer behaviors, you can build effective strategies for competitive differentiation, resulting in increased market share.

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