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Making every interaction between insurance carriers and customers feel like a one-on-one connection.

The future of insurance will demand digital transformation

An old industry is facing new risks as its product-centric operations and technologies are quickly becoming outdated, leaving customer demand for personalized engagement unmet.

Trade yesterday’s problems for tomorrow’s solutions

In addition to the increase in customer demand for tailored insurance experiences, carriers face the challenge of ever-changing regulations and fierce competition that will require them to become proactive, value-adding partners. By modernizing their insurance software technology and leveraging advanced analytics and real-time systems they can seize exponential growth.

Stay ahead by leaving legacy insurance software behind

By better understanding customers, you can improve their experiences automatically with insurance industry software solutions that integrate vast volumes of data and deliver increasingly accurate personalization. When you unlock more value from every engagement, you become a relevant, empowering part of customers’ daily lives.

Giving stakeholders the power to transform everything

We empower insurance carriers to future-proof their businesses with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and telematics. By streamlining pricing engines and operations, strategic decisions can be made faster.

Innovate how you deliver insurance

Our suite of insurance software solutions offers you the ability to perfectly price and personalize the insurance customer experience.

We’re putting all of our lines on Earnix and it's exciting because that gives us a lot more ability to create insight at a policyholder level and not just a line of business level. There's power there. There's power in knowing our policyholders across all the products they have.

-Head of Pricing & Analytics , US-based Fortune 500 Financial Services Group

Get a head start on leading your industry

Learn more about how you can personalize the insurance experience and outpace your competition with our insurance software solutions.