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Speed up Time to Market with a Robust End-To-End Solution

Slow speed to market caused by disconnected systems is one of the main obstacles that insurers face today. Insurers need a single, fully integrated cloud solution where underwriting, pricing, and rating fit together seamlessly. One solution for seamless ratemaking and deployment.


How Insurers Can Modernize Their Technology Infrastructure

Insurers need data-driven approaches to succeed in identifying new business opportunities, better serving customers, growing sales, and improving operations. Introducing: Intelligent InsurOps. Unlock advanced analytics for underwriting, dynamic pricing strategies, real-time rating, and fast delivery of personalized offers.


Behind the Scenes with Earnix Price-It

The White Paper is intended for banking business and technical leaders who are evaluating ways to vastly improve their pricing strategies and operations. It will assist senior management, pricing groups, analytics teams, and IT in their quest for the best in proven, modern pricing technology.


The Blueprint for an Agile Pricing Operation

This webinar will outline the most immediate steps and resources needed to implement a pricing optimization and personalization solution. We will show you how to identify opportunities for quick wins, while keeping the long-term strategy in mind.


5 Key Takeaways for Insurance Pricing Actuaries in 2023

This eBook makes recommendations for practical and timely upgrades that carriers can make to their technology infrastructure and software applications.


The Modern Approach to Embedded Insurance

Insurers have been offering embedded insurance for nearly a century. While embedded insurance is an established concept, technology is now available that vastly increases choice for consumers and allows them to receive truly personalized offers.


The Power of Pricing Optimization in a Tumultuous Auto Finance Landscape

The perfect storm has arrived in today’s auto finance market. Digitalization, inflation, increasing cost of funds, evolving consumer expectations have created a lot of chaos, while urging technological and strategic shifts across the entire auto finance industry. Adding to these tumultuous times, a wave of car loan defaults is starting to emerge. The solution lays in finding “smart pricing” strategies and the right tools to support them.


Leveraging Technology to Fulfill Insurers’ Climate Change Commitments

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a topic of intense global focus and discussion today among governments, corporations, non-profits, and concerned citizens and consumers. With their far-reaching scope and impact, ESG commitments can appear daunting, as in many ways they can be as broad and as deep as one cares to define them.


Modernizing and Upgrading Insurance Underwriting

March 23, 2023

As insurers navigate a rapidly changing macro environment and evolving customer expectations, the need to reimagine insurance has become more urgent than ever. One area that requires particular attention is underwriting, which is often less visible to customers than other functions in the insurance value chain. However, upgrading underwriting can have a significant impact on capturing new business and driving profitability.