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Four Critical Pricing Use Cases for Auto Lenders

Auto lenders around the world continue to face real pressure to remain profitable. This means developing and deploying more intelligent pricing strategies that can successfully reduce risk, increase profitability, and help auto lenders gain and maintain market share.


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Earnix Underwrite-It Datasheet

Transform underwriting to improve agility and profitability with rules management, advanced analytics, simulation, and business-driven deployment in a single solution.


Improving the Effectiveness of Model Development and Deployment

In concert with Earnix Price-It, Model Accelerator provides a comprehensive, end-to-end model management workflow, including model building, orchestration, deployment, and monitoring.


Earnix Price-It for Auto Finance

While there are multiple applications of AI-powered pricing analytics solutions in the auto lending industry, this eBook showcases some of the most common use cases that helped Earnix customers create cutting-edge, competitive pricing strategies and meet their spread targets and KPIs.


2024 Predictions: Navigating the Horizons of P&C Insurance

This webinar brings together industry influencers who will share their insights on the economic, technological, and regulatory shifts set to reshape P&C insurance in 2024. 


Earnix Model Accelerator

In the quest to be agile, insurers want to experiment and innovate with machine learning (ML) models in a mode that gives them maximum flexibility. They need an open platform such as Earnix that allows for mixing and matching the best models of all kinds – existing, new, or whatever the analytics team can dream up.


Shoring up the Bottom Line: Insurers Prioritize Profitability Over Growth

As global P&C insurers continue to face lingering economic conditions and challenging markets, many are now focused on profitability instead of growth. Innovative new technologies can help insurers increase profitability in uncertain times like these.


The Pursuit of Agile Pricing Operations

Most lenders involved in personal and auto finance today know that they need to move away from manual revisions of pricing tables, lengthy deployment cycles, and reliance on spreadsheets for the right price calculation. Balancing loan profitability and volume while keeping up with the competition, requires proper pricing analytical tools to support your strategy.


ITC 2023: AI and Analytics: The Landscape

David Howland, Chief Marketing Officer at Earnix, shares valuable insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics for transformative business outcomes. He delves into 5 key learnings that every insurance carrier should closely pay attention to.