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offer life insurance on your customers’ terms

The life insurance carriers that will win today and tomorrow are those that can proactively predict their customers’ unique needs and offer them the right product bundle over the course of their lifetime.

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For customers, life insurance options are everywhere

Customers’ personal financial situations have changed drastically over the past two years, causing them to be more critical of their spending habits. Customers are even comparing insurance rates after they’ve bought in with a company. Only insurance carriers that invest in an intelligent and automated system will be agile enough to accelerate their speed-to-market and defeat the competition.

The right life insurance at the right time

Our personalization applications empower you with advanced analytics, automation, and integrated machine learning, that enable you to deliver the most accurate and relevant life insurance offers to new and existing customers in a timely manner.

Our technology and analytics. Your life insurance product success.

By integrating Earnix’s advanced analytics systems and insurance rating engine into your business operations, your insurance organization can offer more personalized product bundles in real-time. Capitalize on our AI capabilities and automate your rating and product delivery.

Deliver results
Match life insurance to life’s needs

Start offering life insurance bundles that meet customers right where they are. Our Enterprise Rating Engine is the power behind our life insurance solution that helps you personalize all aspects of your products to individual end-customer needs, lifestyle, and risk factors.

Leverage digital channels quickly

Our life insurance solution enables you to easily integrate with existing digital channels to quickly enhance personalization capabilities and insight. Make your offering accessible and digital for all customers and take advantage of our proactive customer engagement application to deliver custom bundles at the right time.

Bringing more value to customers brings growth to your organization sooner

When you are able to quickly adapt offers to your changing end customer life insurance needs and offer relevant bundles faster, you increase customer lifetime value by leveraging AI-driven bundling, add-ons, and product extensions that proactively add value to end customer experiences and more revenue to your bottom line.

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