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Price-It offers you dynamic pricing backed by robust data-science, analytical modeling, and AI capabilities. It’s time to start creating more informed competitive pricing strategies.

All of the dynamic pricing software and product personalization strategies, none of the wait

When you understand market performance and can adapt strategies in real-time, your business growth accelerates. More than avoiding lost revenue, you increase efficiency and reduce human error, leaving you more time to focus on strategies to meet your customers’ needs and overall business objectives.

Dynamic banking and insurance requires dynamic pricing software

Price-It offers dynamic pricing backed by robust data-science, analytical modeling, and AI capabilities. Giving you the power to create more informed, competitive pricing strategies by leveraging robust customer data and predictive modeling. You can also monitor and measure those pricing strategies in real-time against customer demand and revenue goals.

The Earnix Rating Engine stood out with its ability to robustly integrate rating and pricing processes across Hollard. With the Earnix platform, we expect to benefit from improved pricing controls, with real-time model deployment agility, in-platform modeling capabilities and advanced scenario planning features.
– Michael Cheng, Chief Risk & Underwriting Officer
Dynamic pricing tools that empower your business

When you identify, strategize, and adapt data-driven pricing strategies, you can ensure your pricing is constantly aligned to real end-customer demands. In doing so, you unlock more revenue from diverse interactions and acquire complete control over real-time pricing decisions, strategic initiatives, and pricing process improvements.

Dynamically generate pricing in milliseconds

Create data-driven prices and personalized product offers in milliseconds that take into account increasingly complex lifestyle, behavioral, and risk factors while aligning to your internal revenue goals and KPIs.

Reduce risk. Maximize revenue.

Tap into the intelligence you need to align pricing and product strategies, so your company can increase revenues, align to real customer risk, and accelerate organizational growth.

Monitor, adapt and deliver rates in real time

Get more information than ever on a real-time basis. Monitor the performance of deployed rates and adapt pricing strategies in real-time. Accurately measure the overall impact of pricing strategies on revenue goals to better align product and pricing innovation.


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