Automated Underwriting Software Solutions that Integrate with Pricing and Rating

Underwrite-It enables analytical underwriting decisions that drive higher revenue and profit

Traditional underwriting lacks agility, creates sub-optimal decisions and overexposes the business to risk

Underwriters are typically stuck with complex, rules-based decision-making. It’s slow and tedious -changes can take months to implement. Plus, purely rules-based approaches don’t take advantage of the power of analytics. And underwriting is usually siloed from pricing and rating, instead of integrated and working together.

Underwrite-It brings the power of analytics and agility to underwriting software

Underwrite-It empowers underwriting with advanced analytics and enables business users with speed and agility. Underwrite-It also integrates underwriting with pricing and rating, turning it into a single, collaborative process. With Underwrite-It, insurers make better underwriting decisions, yielding higher revenue and profit.

A complete, powerful, and automated underwriting solution for better and easier management

Underwrite-It provides a powerful combination of business rules and advanced analytics with an easy-to-use interface for business users - all while ensuring IT governance and visibility. Self-learning algorithms create dynamic underwriting that adjusts decision-making automatically over time. Tree-based visualizations, simulation and A/B testing give underwriters precision insight into how changes will impact the business. Shared components with Price-It integrate underwriting and pricing into a single, collaborative process.

Automated underwriting for smarter, faster decisions

Combining standard rules-based approach to underwriting with advanced machine learning delivers better results. Fully automating underwriting decisions with straight-through-processing yields faster decisions for applicants.

Greater agility, easier management

Managing all rules in one place creates a single source of truth that enables underwriters to update rules and models without burdening IT. Visualizations of underwriting logic makes complex logic easily readable, and thereby more manageable.

Integrate automated underwriting, pricing and rating

By sharing loss cost and demand models with pricing and rating teams using Price-It, underwriters work better together with these teams to achieve shared KPIs and forecasts.

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Use Underwrite-It to bring the power of analytics to underwriting, and integrate it with pricing and rating

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