Personalize everything about personal loans

Every one of your customers is on a unique financial journey. Which is why it’s critical for you to know how their needs are changing not just today, but tomorrow as well. To be there when they need you most, you need to be able to better understand customers and proactively predict and offer the loan that suits them best.
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As the lending market changes, so do your customers’ loan needs

Today’s banking customer expects better and faster service and engagement. At the same time, the advent of FinTech firms is fundamentally altering the financial services industry’s competitive landscape. Changing business models, mounting regulation and compliance pressures, and disruptive technologies have created a situation in which established institutions are reevaluating everything from how they conduct business to how they connect with their customers.

Satisfy your customers’ financial needs before they even arise

We empower you with the ability to understand your customers deeply. As their circumstances change, and life events take place, you can apply AI-powered analytical pricing capabilities and advanced automation capabilities to provide a proactive response to changing market conditions and personal financial needs.

Timely offers from technology that’s ahead of its time

With highly flexible technologies that can push your organization toward end customer-centric operations faster, Earnix gives you greater insight into existing and potential markets. Earnix integrates seamlessly with existing systems and adds the layer of intelligence needed to create a fully connected organization that can more efficiently deliver the loan your customer needs most.

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