Predictive data analytics:
your customers’ financial journey improved

Each of your customers has unique financial goals and are on a different path to achieve them. To be a partner that delivers value, you need to be ready and able to predict price change implications proactively, and implement smarter pricing decisions instantly, with full governance and control.

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Your customers can’t afford to miss a growth opportunity

Banking customers are examining every decision they make about their money. And with the number of digital banking solutions, the market is only getting more crowded with options that customers can turn to for help with deposits and savings opportunities. It is imperative that banks reimagine how they address customers’ needs as they look for the next partner to help them protect their financial future.

Offer the right deposits and savings solutions at the right time

With Earnix Personalization, you can present the deposits or savings product that aligns with your customers’ goals and that can adjust as their needs change. Leveraging advanced analytics, predictive models and price optimization, Earnix enables portfolio and product managers to negotiate trade-offs between growth, or maintenance, and profitability.

Advanced technology that helps customers grow financially at their own pace

Our technology integrates seamlessly with existing systems and adds the layer of intelligence needed to create a fully connected organization. Elevate your customer centricity by efficiently delivering the best prices on deposits and savings products your customer needs most.

Deliver more. Deliver now.
Help customers navigate a volatile marketplace

From strategy to execution, our enterprise decision engine propels data through pricing, personalization, and to any customer touchpoint instantaneously. Leverage dynamic, end-to-end pricing to build customer loyalty as you offer the deposits and savings products they need to move forward financially.

Be the partner customers depend on to protect their future

Power your deposits and savings operation with scalable, automated, high-performance cloud technology. Our advanced analytics, AI, and automation capabilities enable you to deliver the most personalized deposits and savings offers to your customers anywhere along their financial journey.

Do more to secure your customers – and your organization’s – future

Earnix Deposits and Savings solutions are deployed within a few short months, enabling you and your customers to see value sooner. We deploy iteratively, with results delivered every step of the way, resulting in ROI your organization can count on.

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