Driving the next generation of operations

It’s time to break free from legacy limitations

We create dynamic, agile, and composable solutions that enable insurers and banks to challenge the status quo —incrementally innovating all aspects of their business to better serve their customers. With Earnix, insurers and banks have unparalleled clarity into revenue opportunities, and the technology, analytics, and expertise to seize them.

Earnix: The home of Intelligent Insurance Operations

To help bridge the gap between outdated legacy systems and modern end customers’ expectations, we’re reinventing how financial institutions operate. Today, Intelligent Insurance Operations is a proactive and flexible new approach. Tomorrow, it will be the new industry standard—allowing industry leaders to unlock immediate value and navigate ongoing transformation.

Helping you overcome critical challenges
Elevated expectations

Insurers and banks must transform their operations to deliver highly personalized, customer-centric experiences.

Eroding value of core systems

The industry needs a more efficient, agile, and iterative way to innovate and meet modern customer demands.

Restructuring of tech ecosystem

New technologies and capabilities are pushing insurers and banks to move from managing product-centric value chains to customer-centric ecosystems.

Shifting operating models

Organizations must prioritize agility and resilience in their operating models to minimize risk, maximize revenue, and run a more efficient business.

Capitalizing on insights

It’s time for an intelligent combination of advanced analytics and real- time systems to accurately detect and adapt to rapidly evolving market trends and seize new revenue opportunities.

What are Intelligent Insurance Operations?

The set of new strategies, processes, and an evolving ecosystem of technologies to transform how insurance and banking businesses are run. By connecting all the components of increasingly complex systems, we enable financial institutions to enter the new era of intelligent operations—unlocking new market value and better serving end customers.

Empowering customer growth

Intelligent operations help our customers create highly relevant, deeply personalized experiences by enabling more agile, efficient, and profitable systems. The impact is immediate and the technical transformation iterative. We are the engine accelerating change, bringing teams and technology together to reimagine insurance and banking operations for the future.

Intelligent solutions across your organization

We make all aspects of operations more intelligent, breaking down silos and connecting teams to confidently identify and act on growth opportunities that drive business forward:

We partner with Earnix to help us improve our speed to market, to help automate a lot of our back-end work, improve the quality of our data and the controls around our systems and our operational risk. And, of course, to help us really be precise with how we advance our pricing.
-Head of Pricing & Analytics , US-based Fortune 500 Financial Services Group

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