The intelligence
you need.
The personalized experience
customers want.

Our industry-leading analytical capabilities use world-class data science to enable a data-driven approach. By delivering pricing and more personalized product offers, we help you leverage what we call Intelligent Operations.

Our Analytics > Approach & Impact
Build on a foundation of intelligence

From predictive and ML modeling to optimization algorithms, smart automation, and data-driven personalization capabilities, we empower carriers to scale experiences, reduce their time to market, and continuously innovate their offerings.

Predictive and ML modeling: Activating the data

Operationalize analytics across applications to automate your tactical processes, elevate your strategic initiatives, and harness the predictive power of analytical ML models that enable customer product personalization.

Digital-first approach. Market-first organizational performance.

Our industry-leading analytical capabilities and technologies empower you to create flexible frameworks that empower customer-centric solutions. By leveraging our data-driven personalization capabilities, your organization can adapt to market changes faster, leading to more conversions, increased upselling success and improved customer retention. 

How our customers experience Earnix
“To be effective, we have to be able to provide fast, accurate underwriting decisions in real time. We picked Earnix because it would help us eliminate the need for so many disparate systems, but also because its advanced analytics capabilities would be key to future success.”
- VP, Pricing and Actuarial, Large Canadian Insurer