The future of your business depends on your ability to make informed decisions

What We Enable > Dynamic Decisioning

Billions of customer data points and endless risk factors have made digital transformation within the insurance and banking industries an imperative. Along with the growing number of organizational priorities and countless regulations, it’s never been more critical to reimagine your processes to enable dynamic decisioning.

The most informed decisions make the most impact

Accelerating organizational growth. Overseeing new strategic initiatives. Minimizing cost and maximizing operational efficiency. Building a resilient business. For everything you’re looking to accomplish across your organization, dynamic decisioning enables you to break down silos and enact meaningful change.

By connecting your cross-functional teams and infusing industry-leading analytics into every application, you’re better equipped to make the business-critical decisions that push your organization toward a personalized, data-driven future.
Break down siloed operations
Monitor strategic initiatives
Make more informed, impactful decisions
Align teams to foster informed collaboration

Automate to make your operational decisions more strategic with Intelligent Operations

Earnix integrates seamlessly with existing systems and adds the layer of intelligence needed to create fully connected organizations. With the implementation of AI/ML capabilities, predictive modeling, and world-class data science into every application, we help you respond to market changes with more agility.

Make smarter decisions at every level

We empower informed decision-making at all levels of the organization by operationalizing powerful analytics and integrating new and existing data sets in real-time.

Gain clear insights into your company’s operations

With better visibility into every department in your organization you can make more impactful decisions faster and maximize the performance of your in-market products.

Make automation your standard operating procedure

When you activate analytics across applications and automate your lengthy processes, you can build a data-driven organization that experiences less human error and leverages more informed decision-making, where everyone operates with increased confidence.

To be effective, we have to be able to provide fast, accurate underwriting decisions in real time. We picked Earnix because it would help us eliminate the need for so many disparate systems, but also because its advanced analytics capabilities would be key to future success.
– Deb Upton Vice President, Pricing and Actuarial, Gore Mutual

A full suite of intelligent solutions for a fully connected organization

No matter what area you’re looking to enhance, Earnix offers a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions to help you scale experiences, reduce time to market, and continuously innovate your offerings.