Higher profits start with dynamic pricing strategies

The demand for tailored experiences and the increasingly competitive, dynamic pricing from carriers is pressuring pricing teams to deploy rates at an unprecedented scale. However, disparate, slow operations are ill-equipped for the data-driven engagements customers expect. Which is why it’s more important than ever to have agile solutions that integrate with existing systems and infuse automation and industry-leading analytics into every aspect of your pricing process.

What We Enable > Pricing and Rating Excellence

Turn the ability to adapt pricing and rating in real-time into a real business advantage

Quickly understand individual end customer risk. Avoid lost revenue. Operationalize advanced analytics. Gain insight into pricing and product strategies’ impact on your business objectives. For everything you’re looking to accomplish across your organization, our technology enables you to operationalize intelligently automated processes that lead to profitable pricing and product personalization strategies.

To remain competitive and unlock more value from every end customer, pricing and rating teams need intelligent, flexible technologies to overcome costly and time-consuming errors and reduce their reliance on inefficient, monolithic legacy systems.
Risk at precisely the right price
Get data-driven pricing to markets faster
Maximize profitability by line of business
Monitor pricing strategies against business objectives

Proactively respond to the market with Intelligent InsurOps

Empowering you with real-time, actionable insights, we accelerate your time to market and make every aspect of pricing and rating efforts more intelligent, automated, and interconnected. With more future-forward strategies and confidence in, control, and compliance, your pricing and rating teams can concentrate on what they do best.

Increase Revenue. Accelerate growth

With the ability to adapt pricing and product strategies accordingly in real-time, you align to real risk, protect profitability, and dynamically position your business to meet changing customer demands.

Respond to the market before your competition does

Stay ahead of competitive threats and satisfy the increasing expectations of digital-first customers by quickly implementing new pricing strategies and leveraging the ability to continuously monitor their impact.

Seize every opportunity to grow your business

Unlock previously unrealized market potential by having the ability to continually identify and act on revenue opportunities while protecting your profitability in real-time. 

Leverage modern analytics to grow your business profitably

Unlock the ability to streamline and accelerate the process of building and incorporating advanced ML models in underwriting, pricing, and real-time rating. 

The Earnix Rating Engine stood out with its ability to robustly integrate rating and pricing processes across Hollard. With the Earnix platform we expect to benefit from improved pricing controls, with real-time model deployment agility, in-platform modeling capabilities and advanced scenario planning features.

– Michael Cheng Chief Risk & Underwriting Officer, Hollard

A full suite of intelligent solutions for a fully connected organization

No matter what area you’re looking to enhance, Earnix offers a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions to help you scale experiences, reduce time to market, and continuously innovate your offerings.