Personalized customer experiences are no longer the exception,
but the norm

What We Enable > Product Personalization

The increased demand for tailored experiences is challenging insurance leaders to accommodate an ever-changing market while also trying to make their operation more agile and exceed business objectives. Unfortunately, carriers’ disparate and aged systems are unable to leverage behavioral data that helps to generate data-driven and dynamic engagements end customers expect. This places pricing leaders in a situation where they must reimagine their processes and technology to remain profitable across business lines.

Personalized offers and products to drive business growth

Understanding individual end customer risk and behavioral factors. Tracking company performance. Adapting pricing and product strategies in real-time. Delivering tailored, precise offers at scale. For everything you’re looking to accomplish across your organization, we offer the technology to operationalize advanced analytics and intelligently automate essential processes to unlock more value from every engagement.

As you lead your organization to make products and offers more personalized, Earnix helps you develop strategies for offering the right price for the right risk, enabling you to confidently pursue new personalization use cases and capabilities.
Fine-tune risk via customer behavioral factors
Deliver tailored, precise offers at scale
Increase profitability by line of business
Develop more profitable product personalization strategies

Make your personalized products and offers as automated and intelligent as your interconnected business

Your business’s ability to identify and implement personalization opportunities is only as good as your business’s connected systems. Add composable technologies to existing systems to enable your business to realize ROI sooner.

Know your customers, not just their names

Through the creation of individualized product offers in real-time, your organization can make every interaction with your customers feel like a one-on-one connection. As a result, you’ll be able to unlock more customer lifetime value, increase conversion rates, and maintain longer customer relationships.

Time isn’t just money, it’s everything

Personalization starts with automation. Being able to create data-driven, tailored products and offers in milliseconds that account for lifestyle, behavioral, and risk factors makes all the difference. Start reducing your manual effort and errors and achieve your internal revenue goals and KPIs faster.

Automate smarter operational decisions using AI/ML capabilities and predictive modeling

Becoming a data-driven business means having the ability to acquire the high-level insight needed to make more informed strategic decisions and automatically adapt in-market offers to changing customer personalization demands.

We also saw that the solution could grow with us as we evolved from simple pricing models to much more complex analytics and advanced multi-plan personalization.
– Paul Davies Head of Data Science, Domestic & General

A full suite of intelligent solutions for a fully connected organization

No matter what area you’re looking to enhance, Earnix offers a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions to help you scale experiences, reduce time to market, and continuously innovate your offerings.