Lead IT teams that can quickly adapt to market conditions

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Today’s insurance carriers struggle to navigate an evolving landscape of micro-services and specialized technologies while reducing reliance on their legacy core systems. Through digital transformation, IT leaders are becoming increasingly responsible for organizational success as their department is the link to a carrier’s ability to innovate and meet the elevated, personalized experience end customers crave.

Successfully navigate every phase of digital transformation

Capitalizing on massive data sets. Minimizing risk. Maximizing resources. Maintaining control of systems. Reducing the time required to implement new technical systems. For everything you’re looking to accomplish across your organization, we offer composable, cloud-based solutions that accelerate digital transformation and reduce your organizational risk one step at a time.

As you lead your organization through digital transformation, Earnix helps you create a composable, robust IT strategy that creates more flexible and interconnected technical systems across your enterprise.
Implement mission-critical technologies and digital infrastructure
Develop a data management strategy
Align technical systems with strategic goals
Accelerate innovation and run a more intelligent business

Intelligent InsurOps empower you to innovate in the face of market change

With a complete, flexible IT infrastructure solution, we enable you to leverage the intelligent, leading-edge technologies that allow you to immediately respond to shifting market conditions. Our composable, cloud-based solutions eliminate the cost, risk, and time associated with strategic technical implementations and alleviate the pressure of future-proofing today’s insurance carrier organization.

A customized composable infrastructure leads to growth that’s tailored to you

With a tech stack that seamlessly integrates and adjusts to your organization's specific needs, you can reduce your reliance on monolithic core systems to incrementally innovate essential use cases and unlock the next level of individualized end customer engagement – all without introducing new cost, risk, or the frustration that comes with system migration.

Technology that’s easy to implement creates results that are difficult to ignore

Conquer the industry's accelerating rate of change by gaining the flexibility to navigate ongoing transformation and unlocking ROI faster. By connecting teams across the organization and breaking down silos, you’re able to better leverage underutilized data and analytics to quickly generate insights, make more informed strategic decisions, and respond to opportunities and challenges with agility.

Connected teams and technologies connect your organization to growth opportunities

We enable you to connect siloed teams and technologies to seize new market opportunities and effectively scale key capabilities without introducing new risk, allowing you to accelerate time to market and gain real-time company performance insight to drive operational efficiency, automate your intelligent processes, and maximize your revenue potential. 

“We chose Earnix because of the solution’s powerful capabilities, its complete flexibility, and its proven ability to deploy in our architecture and easily connect with our full ecosystem of partners and third-party systems.”

– Krzysztof Wasyluk Pricing Manager, Link4

A full suite of intelligent solutions for a fully connected organization

No matter what area you’re looking to enhance, Earnix offers a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions to help you scale experiences, reduce time to market, and continuously innovate your offerings.