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Our integrated solution is an easily deployed cross-channel customer engagement application that automatically delivers prices, personalization, and communications to customers for you at the most optimal time.

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It’s time to leave legacy customer engagement in the past

It is more important than ever for insurance and financial intuitions to have a digital presence. Unfortunately, many companies may have suffered through a bad digital experience with past projects and face a reliance on legacy systems, complexity of implementation, and technology that is not mature enough.

Customer insurance needs change. Your ability to serve them shouldn’t.

Deliver personalized offers in context and across digital channels to increase conversion rates and product performance with Earnix. When you can create more proactive and tailored communications, you increase your engagement with your customers when it matters most.

Be more than an insurance carrier to your customers

With Earnix’s just-in-time solutions, you can proactively engage customers across digital channels, creating connected, intelligent experiences and building a more proactive, value-adding part of their lives.

Earnix really helped us streamline our pricing models. We can now give our customers the best, most accurate prices in our online insurance offers.

– Dr. Jurgen Pesch, Head of Sales, BavariaDirekt

Stay in front of your customers

Quickly enhance both your existing and emerging digital channels with integrated and automated communications designed to increase your customer engagement.

Meet customers right where they are

Connect digital channels and consolidate all of your customer insights to create a more cohesive and easily navigated customer journey.

Start practicing pricing best practices

Easily integrate with pricing and personalization processes to accelerate time to market, increase operational efficiency, and align your product performance with customer experience goals.

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