It’s never been more critical to meet customers right where they are

What We Enable > Customer Engagement

The expectations placed upon customer engagement teams couldn’t be higher. As more end customers expect insurers and financial institutions to tailor products, offers, and communications to them – and in the most convenient channels for them – leaders need to overcome disconnected operations, minimal data insights and outdated capabilities to stay relevant and earn customer loyalty.

Successfully navigate every phase of customer engagement

Implementing meaningful innovations. Creating connected customer experiences. Navigating ongoing digital transformation. For everything you’re looking to accomplish across your organization, we offer composable, cloud-based solutions that facilitate a sustained competitive advantage and keep your organization ahead of industry transformation.

As you lead your organization to develop enhanced customer engagement, Earnix helps you develop deeply personalized and proactive communication and capitalize on both revenue- and loyalty-building opportunities.
Increase customer satisfaction and acquire new audiences
Leverage customer data and digital channels
Deliver deeply personalized communications and offers
Create a more connected customer experience

Elevate your customer engagement with Intelligent Insurance Operations

Our composable solutions easily integrate new technologies into existing systems, empowering you to offer tailored experiences your end-customers demand, leading to increased loyalty, reduced churn and positioning your organization to be the proactive, value-adding part of end customers' lives.

Make every customer engagement count

With data-driven and intelligent engagement, you can maximize effectiveness by automatically connecting with customers across multiple channels in real-time with contextual offers and robust product and communication personalization.

From customers to brand loyalists

We help you cultivate more valuable, lasting end-customer relationships that increase customer lifetime value, boost customer loyalty, and decrease competitive encroachment.

Turn conversations into conversions

Our technology enables you to connect with new and existing audiences quicker and with more tailored, persuasive communications and easy to navigate offers across the customer journey, leading to customer conversion.

"With Earnix, we now have the ability to deliver the best product, at the best price, with the best messaging, and in the most effective marketing channel. Even better, we can do this all extremely quickly and in response to real-time market changes. We could not have achieved all of this without Earnix.”

- Paul Davies, Head of Data Science, Domestic and General

A full suite of intelligent solutions for a fully connected organization

No matter what area you’re looking to enhance, Earnix offers a real-time AI-driven Rating Engine, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions to help you scale experiences, reduce time to market, and continuously innovate your offerings.