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Data & Analytics are at the core of Earnix-powered solutions. We employ world-class data science, analytical modeling tools, optimization algorithms, and machine learning capabilities in delivering the best priced and most personalized financial product to every customer, every time.

The four pillars of smarter analytics

Predictive and ML modeling

We enable the development and integration of various traditional GLM/GAM and ML models with a focus on making sure these models can be appropriately leveraged for pricing, rating & personalization strategies. With this goal in mind, we developed a Hybrid Model which takes advantage of both the predictive power of ML models and the causal inferencing of classical statistical models.


The Earnix solution includes a wide set of optimization algorithms geared to handle various pricing & rating structures, regulatory & business requirements, and market scenarios. The algorithms support solving complex portfolios, Lifetime Value, multi-product, rank, and customer-centric optimization problems.

Smart Automation

The Earnix solution embeds state of the art methodologies and applications to enable smart automation of data, modeling, and pricing activities, including dynamic price tuning methodology which allows organizations, where applicable, to make automatic pricing adjustments as needed.


To be able to personalize package offerings to customers, we developed an efficient package testing & modeling methodology that enables organizations to quickly embark on the journey of personalization.

Benefits of Smarter Analytics

World-Class Analytics

With accurate insight coming from world-class data science, analytical modeling, and integrated machine learning, the most complex business challenges can be addressed.

Systemized Processes

Creating processes that are consistent and repeatable is the key to the automation of analytical personalization projects.

Insight And Automation

Depth of insight and automation via process systemization gives pricing and product professionals the power to make decisions quickly.

Faster Speed To Decision

With the ability to make pricing and product business decisions quickly, changes that need to be deployed to the marketplace, whether price or product related, can be done rapidly – improving overall organizational agility.

Faster Time-to-Market

Quicker time-to-market results in the consumer receiving a better experience through a more personalized offering suited to their unique needs and businesses see optimized results.

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