Combining Unmatched Data and Analytics for Commercial Lines

Verisk delivers industry-leading data to power Earnix analytics, giving commercial lines insurers improved agility, enhanced flexibility, reduced speed to market, additional customer acquisition options, and increased profitability.

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Enabling new strategies for commercial lines underwriting

For established insurers and potential new entrants alike, better commercial lines underwriting decisions require tight and reliable integration with industry-leading analytics tools like Earnix, and access to the best data possible to incorporate into those analytics. The ISO Commercial Lines Manual represents the data standard needed for accurate underwriting decisions.

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Accessing the right data for rock-solid decisions

In a world that demands increasing speed to combat competitive pressures, commercial lines insurers need access to specific data sets to improve their underwriting. Data volume and variety are no guarantee of success – instead, specific, targeted data are required to automate processes for actionable insights – without compromising the integrity of underwriting decisions.

A powerful data and analytics strategic alliance

Verisk, as a global data analytics and risk assessment leader, brings proprietary data and analytics, advanced modeling, and interpretations to insurers globally. The delivery options available for key rating content through ISO ERC, when combined with Earnix analytics excellence, enhance accuracy and reduce delivery time.

Verisk’s ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ERC™) delivers a set of key benefits to commercial lines insurers:
Makes data ingestion smooth and predicable
Inclusion of rating data in Earnix analytics
Advisory loss costs, rules and forms accessible
Time required for updates cut up to 30 percent
Results in a 35% decrease in overall cost
Premium calculations faster and more accurate
Analysts and underwriters focus on benefits
Display of quotes pricing graph visualization
Vastly improved financial outcomes for insurers

Earnix’s strategic alliance with Verisk will allow you to automate update processes to deliver savings, reduce premium leakage, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve speed-to-market. Pre-loaded ISO ERC content increases efficiency and flexibility, will allow you can deviate from ISO rates, create “what-if” scenarios, and embed additional models as required.