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Design a different banking experience with the Earnix
real-time analytical pricing & personalization engine

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End-To-End Acceleration

Deploy prices and personalized products to the market faster, smarter, and safer.

The Earnix Enterprise Velocity Engine propels banks into the fully digitized world of perfectly priced and personalized loans, offered to the right customers right when they need it most. Amid turbulent economic market conditions and ever-changing customer behavior, Earnix enables smart, agile, safe lending operations. 

Pricing & Analytical Excellence

Smart is good. Smarter is better.

Simulate pricing strategies and implement the best one quickly. Earnix helps you meet your customers’ needs, and continuously monitor pricing against your business objectives.


Time is of the essence.

Reach business goals with fast iterative deployment, providing significant business value within a few short months.

Advanced Personalization

Everyone is unique.

The Earnix Enterprise Velocity Engine enables smart product personalization by individually tailoring the banking offering to each customer. Based on smart AI and machine learning technology, the system determines the offering, add-on or bundle that’s just right for each customer, and delivers it at the right time.


Holistic Customer View

Create data-based, sophisticated, tailor-made offerings


Security and agility – the best the cloud can offer

Hybrid Modeling

Leverage the power of both ML and traditional models

Product Personalization

Deliver the right products, at the right time

Remote Deployment

Fast, seamless, incremental deployment with fast returns


AI-powered analytical pricing

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Behavioral-based product personalization

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Real-time engagement

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Enterprise Velocity Engine

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