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Analytics for Today’s Banking Climate

Consumer and small business banking customers have never had more choice when it comes to banking, with new providers and technologies influencing their expectations every day. Advanced analytics is being used to improve customer engagement through more contextually relevant offers and services, resulting in new business, deepened customer relationships, and greater lifetime customer value.

Earnix’s Banking suite of advanced analytics software and services is enabling bankers to compete in this new environment and improve KPIs such as sales growth, profitability, depth of relationship, and more. Our suite of integrated capabilities makes operationalizing real-time analytics fast and effective, so banks see a return on their investment quickly.

Earnix: All You Need for Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Earnix end-to-end solution offers all the features and capabilities you need to maximize the benefit from advanced analytics in your pricing and product decisions. Users are able to quickly develop and refine models that can reliably predict the outcome when the market changes or new strategies are executed. Decision makers can confidently select the best course of action by having the knowledge on how their chosen strategy will impact their portfolio performance against their KPIs.

“Earnix is a way to show results immediately, and in turn, get products to market faster.”

– European Banking Customer
Using the Earnix for Banking solution led to a 15 percent increase in monthly forex spread income.

– Leading South Asian Bank
Using the Earnix for Banking solution allowed for initial gross margin increases of 6-8 basis points , the reconstruction of rating structures, a 2X margin improvement, and the reduction of total pricing analytics cycle time by >80%.

– Leading US Bank
Using Earnix led to a volume increase of 6 percent with a customer retention increase of 10 percent, from 45 to 55 percent.

– Leading European Bank
Using the Earnix for Banking solution to perform customer centric pricing resulted in a net interest margin increase of 2 million Euros month over month and provided a value of 57 million Euros over a 3 year time period.

– Leading European Bank

Earnix in Action


Determine trade offs and the best price structure by modeling a large number of constraints such as competitive price, profitability, and customer acceptance.

Product Personalization

Advanced analytics make it possible to personalize every offer and create a virtually unlimited number of customer segments, each generating unique insights.

Best Offer

Earnix real-time modeling can determine what offers customers will positively respond to as they interact across all of your marketing touch points. Machine learning can also improve models in real-time to boost performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer Analysis

Our technology is helping banks understand Customer Lifetime Value across the whole banking relationship - to develop experiences and customer centric pricing, which helps deepen relationships and grow revenue.

Enhance your Customer Analytics

Our teams work closely with our customers to transfer our analytical know-how so you move past basic analytics into advanced decision support analytics quickly. We provide counsel around analytical best practices, and deliver turnkey implementation services.

Build Your Team from the Ground Up

Our expert sales, consulting, development, and support teams are market leaders in advanced analytics for the financial services industry. They can help you develop the right processes and find the right talent mix you need to succeed on the analytical journey.

Solution Highlights

Become Truly Customer - Centric

The Earnix Software is built to support customer-related analytical decisions. It enables banks to shift from siloed product-centric thinking to a fully customer-centric approach – with offers that can be created for customers that include custom prices, rates, terms or rate sheets optimized based on heightened customer intelligence. With Earnix, banks can obtain multi-channel and cross-product insights that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to expose.

Capitalize on our Industry Expertise

Earnix consultants and professional services teams are experts in applying advanced analytics in the Financial Services industry. Our data scientists, economists, and statisticians work with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and then guide you to maximize your results.

Integrate Analytics into your Business Process

Earnix transforms the pricing and offer management process by seamlessly integrating analytical results into existing banking systems and workflows, requiring minimal effort from your IT teams. The Earnix solution for banking is built on a modular architecture that makes it possible to start quickly and scale at your pace.

The Earnix Suite for Banking

The Earnix Suite for Banking offers the most comprehensive and integrated analytics tools, combining data management, visual modeling, simulation and decision making, as well as deployment and monitoring of offers into a single suite. Gone are the days of stitching together multiple niche and legacy solutions. Our continual investment in the product ensures you will always have a market leading solution.

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Our Experts at Your Service

We have been providing solutions and services to the world’s most sophisticated companies for nearly two decades. Our Professional Services teams are experts in the operational aspects of the Financial Services industry.

We work with you to develop analytical programs that enable your organization to predict and prescribe the best decisions around risk, retention, volume, and price. At the end of the process, you will be self-sufficient and have the analytical tools and know-how to make data-driven optimized decisions.

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The Science

Want a deeper understanding of what advanced analytics at Earnix is all about? Read more about the analytical techniques and algorithms behind the scenes.

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Improve Results Using Customer Insights

“We like the flexibility, functionality, and ease of use of the Earnix solution. We like that Earnix is very interested in transferring knowledge and know-how into an organization like ours.”
– South American Banking Customer

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