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Faster, smarter, and safer business growth. For customers, and your bank.

In a credit-thirsty turbulent economy, Earnix helps banks respond quickly to support the growth of businesses, large and small, at the time they need it most. Earnix enables granular understanding and prediction of commercial financing needs, empowering banking relationship managers to be their customers’ trusted advisors.

The Earnix Solution

Earnix empowers banking relationship managers to acquire and support the growth of businesses, large and small. Earnix-powered commercial lending enables granular understanding and prediction of commercial financing needs, enabling your relationship managers to truly be your customers’ trusted advisors.

Earnix-powered solutions use the power of smart analytics and advanced automation to price and personalize complex loan structures, and deliver personalized offers instantaneously to the right touchpoint. Earnix-powered commercial lending solutions empower banks to reach faster, smarter, and safer loan pricing and personalization.

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Solution Highlights

Dynamic, end-to-end pricing

From strategy to execution, the Earnix end-to-end Enterprise Velocity Engine propels data through pricing, personalization, and to any customer touchpoint instantaneously, while ensuring governance and compliance throughout the process.

Sell like a digital leader

Power your commercial lending operation with scalable, automated, high-performance cloud technology. With advanced analytics, AI, and automation capabilities, Earnix-powered solutions deliver the best and most personalized loan offers to your consumers’ hands right when they need it most.

Ultra-fast ROI

Earnix-powered commercial lending solutions are deployed within a few short months, with value delivered and actualized immediately. We deploy iteratively, with results delivered every step of the way.

Earnix in Action

analytical pricing

Harness the predictive power of world-class data science, analytical modeling tools, and machine learning, to price perfectly for your customers’ needs, and your business objectives. Earnix Price-It enables banks to define, simulate, and select between future pricing scenarios to make the smartest data-based pricing decisions and deploy them quickly to the market, with full governance and control.

product personalization

Improve your level of customer-centricity by automatically identifying and proactively responding to changing market conditions and customer financial behavior. With Earnix Personalize-It, banks can offer the right commercial loan to the right company, at the right price, at the right time.


Earnix Time-It proactively leverages the smart personalization capabilities of Personalize-It. Be there when they need you the most. With Earnix, banks deliver new prices and personalized loan offers at just the right time, to any consumer touchpoint.

The Earnix Products

Earnix Price-it

AI-powered analytical pricing

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Earnix Personalize-it

Behavioral-based product personalization

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Earnix Time-it

Real-time engagement

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Enterprise Velocity Engine

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