Earnix for Consumer Lending

Predictive Analytics Drive Smarter Lending

All Lending Lines can Benefit from Proven, Class Leading Advanced Analytics.

Earnix has enviable experience working with our banking customers to improve the performance of their Mortgage, Home Equity, Personal Loan and Credit Card assets. By applying Predictive Analytics to utilization, prepayment, attrition, loan loss and competitive metrics our customers improve their customer experience as well as sustainably growing their lending portfolios.

The Earnix solution for Consumer Lending

Demand for consumer lending is increasing yearly along with customers desire to have personalized, transparent and frictionless experiences. Earnix enables banks to deliver on these needs by leveraging the power of advanced analytics to power digital processes and help grow lending assets with the targeted level of risk exposure.

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Solution Highlights

Use Data to Dial Up Customer Engagement

With the Earnix analytics solution, data from across lines of business can be combined to create optimized structures, rates and fees, all the while helping manage risk and regulatory requirements.

React Quickly to Transform your Business

With Earnix, banks can create real-time and responsive pricing that supports quick business decisions, integrates those decisions into existing business processes, and delivers those decisions to market. Senior decision-makers can simulate and then make quick changes in response to market conditions, competition and other factors.

Lend with Confidence

Confidence in their pricing and strategies is something that banks crave. Earnix provides banks with the analytics and experience to achieve their origination and margin goals while improving margin requirements. Earnix’s software and modeling expertise can help banks better manage the customer lifecycle by predicting and preempting prepayment attrition and refinancing needs.

Help Your Customers to Rest Easy

Loans are large decisions — for both the bank lender and the individual consumer. Lenders must adhere to strict regulations and margin requirements. Additional challenges include pay-downs, utilizations, and refinancing. Earnix helps lenders to present consumers with the best available offer and an exceptional customer experience.

Earnix in Action

Grow Activation & Utilization

Earnix predictive models improve the targeting of new customers, thereby reducing acquisition costs and increasing profitability. Earnix helps increase activation and utilization, leading to profitability increases while managing risk.

Easy Deployment

The Earnix Platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, providing flexible options to meet immediate and future needs. Using the Earnix cloud option, you can instantly make the solution available across your organization and establish a unified analytical platform.

Industry Professionals

Earnix Professional Services supports banking customers at every stage of the implementation and deployment process. Our industry experts are available to instruct users on leveraging all the benefits of the platform. The Earnix support model is designed to provide as much or as little assistance as required.

Our Experts at your Service

Earnix consulting teams are comprised of analytics experts and data scientists with deep domain experience in financial services. Our trusted advisors work closely with clients to define and develop models tailored to their specific needs.

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Improving Results — What Customers Say

"The implementation of Earnix’s customer centric pricing strategy resulted in a net interest margin increase of 2 million Euros month over month and provided a value of 57 million Euros over a 3 year time period."
– Leading European Bank

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