Earnix 3D Personalization for Deposits & Savings

Personalize Deposit and Savings Products for Increased Customer Satisfaction and Improve Business Results

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Personalizing Deposits and Savings Offers Translates to Business Growth and Profitability

Recognizing the complexities of deposit products, Earnix provides an end-to-end Pricing and Product Personalization Software Suite, driven by world-class data science, analytical modeling tools, and integrated machine learning. Understanding and then responding to your customer's needs and behavior is the secret to attractive deposit pricing. The Earnix 3D Personalization Suite is helping our customers across different markets develop, test, and execute the right strategies to achieve their liabilities management objectives.


The Earnix Solution for Deposits and Savings

The  Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™ empowers deposits and savings professionals to offer the right product, at the right price, at the right time, while optimizing business results, maintaining governance & compliance, and improving the enterprise-wide process of pricing and product personalization in banking.  Earnix helps you understand your customers’ behavior including their propensity to keep, add, move or withdraw funds from their deposits and savings accounts - which enables you to develop products and prices to win and retain their business.

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Solution Highlights

Dynamic Pricing and Product Personalization

Earnix helps define, personalize, and deploy deposits and savings offerings, allowing financial institutions to increase customer satisfaction while improving business results. With Earnix, you can offer the best mortgage package for your customer and for your business.

Sell like a Digital Leader

Through the Use of 3D Personalization, financial institutions can deliver recommended, personalized deposits and savings offers across three dimensions. This offer creation is enabled by world-class data science, analytical modeling, and integrated machine learning.

Systemize Your Deposits and Savings Processes

Move systematically from data management to analytical modeling, to simulation and optimization – all inside single pricing and product personalization software product suite. Operationalize analytical insights in a rapid and consistent manner, resulting in quicker time to market and improved control and governance. The Earnix 3D Personalization Suite takes the guesswork out of predicting and then personalizing savings and deposits offers – as well as managing the entire portfolio.

Enterprise-Wide Scalability

How can you leverage deposits and savings insights for other lines of business in your bank? What personalization opportunities do you have across these lines of business – whether lending, insurance, or investments - and how do your pricing and product personalization software and strategies impact these opportunities? With Earnix you will know.

Earnix in Action

Dynamic Pricing

Banks can now predict and simulate the impacts of price changes and product bundling decisions in real time, and instantly deliver personalized prices to customers.

Personalize Complex Deposits and Savings Products

Consumers desire deposits and savings products that are convenient, transparent, and easy to use. When these packages are difficult to comprehend, too many choices or options will often lead to confusion and indecision. With Earnix, you can define, personalize, and deploy deposits and savings offering in a simple manner, giving consumers a limited number of individually tailored choices instead of a large number of standard and irrelevant options.

Proactively Identify Deposits and Savings Needs

Financial Institutions have volumes of demographic, product, risk, and marketing data. Earnix helps your organization put this data to use through providing the ability to proactively identify and react to customer behaviors, life stage, and lifestyle needs with contextually personalized offers.

The Earnix Products

Earnix Price-it

Predict, simulate, decide and instantly deliver rates to market in a systematic, consistent, and governed manner.

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Earnix Personalize-it

Define, personalize, and deploy financial product bundles or variances that perfectly match each customer’s unique needs.

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Earnix Time-it

Proactively identify patterns that suggest life event occurrence and react by delivering the right financial product at the right price.

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Our Experts at your Service

Earnix consulting teams are comprised of analytics experts and data scientists with deep domain experience in financial services. Our trusted advisors will work closely with you to define and develop pricing and product personalization processes tailored to your specific needs and instruct you on how to leverage all the benefits of the platform.

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Improve Results Using Customer Insights

"Using Earnix led to a sustained increase in net revenues of 30 basis points month over month."
– Top Central European Banking Group

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