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Leading insurers worldwide rely on Earnix to extract insights from customer data to improve pricing sophistication, business decisions and financial performance.

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A Track Record of Excellence

We have been providing analytically based pricing solutions and services to the world’s most sophisticated insurance companies for nearly two decades. Our consultants are specialists with a deep understanding of the global insurance industry - as well as the drivers that are specific to our client’s businesses. We have been enabling financial institutions of all sizes to leverage advanced analytics to produce significant, positive results - improving volumes and margins over time.

The Best in Customer Behavior Analysis for the Insurance Industry

Earnix helps companies understand customer behavior at a level formerly unattainable by insurance companies. Insurers can now make pricing and other business decisions while understanding the impact on new business growth and retention – and execute those decisions swiftly--even in real time - across any line of business, including:

Immediate Impact on Business Results

Earnix provides a comprehensive analytical solution with embedded data, analytics, and automation to support the leading Insurers and Insuretechs of today. Earnix Insurance customers repeatedly report substantial results from day one.

Using the Earnix for Insurance solution delivered more than 1% premium growth at the same profit across the portfolio and a 15% increase in quote conversions while maintaining a steady profit.

– Large US Insurance Company
Using the Earnix for Insurance solution, profit improved by over 3% of gross written premium while maintaining retention levels - all within the first year of use.

– Large Direct Broker
Using the Earnix for Insurance solution, profit improved by over 3.5% of gross written premium; retention increased as well. The Earnix for Insurance solution achieved over 90% accuracy in predicting the influence of price changes. The solution integrated seamlessly into the overall pricing process for renewals and new business.

- Leading Personal Lines Insurer
Using the Earnix for Insurance solution led to an increase in net profitability of +1.6% of gross written premium and a 0.3% market share increase.

– Large European Insurance Company
Using the Earnix for Insurance solution resulted in a profit improvement of 2.8% of gross written premium while simultaneously complying with strict regulatory conditions.

- German Motor Vehicle Insurer
Using the Earnix for Insurance solution, a profit impact of over £5M was achieved with no change in retention.

– Leading European Bancassurer

Earnix in Action


Utilize advanced analytical techniques to develop pricing and product offers that meet your growth and profit objectives.

Product Personalization

Using advanced analytics, you’ll be able to refine customer segmentation and customize the ideal product for them.


Leverage analytical models to understand the drivers of frequency and severity.

Customer Analysis

Understand the lifetime value of each customer across all product lines.

Solution Highlights

Built for Immediate ROI

Earnix provides integrated statistical modelling tools, and automated processes to support pricing and other business decisions that will quickly – and significantly – improve financial metrics. Customers repeatedly report to Earnix that they see substantial results from the very start.

End-to-End Software

Earnix streamlines the entire pricing process, accelerating time-to-market and allowing insurers to be highly responsive to changing market conditions.

Real Time Rating Engine

Earnix delivers quotes directly to the point of customer interaction - in real-time – with the use of classical techniques or with newer technologies like machine learning. This empowers insurers and intermediaries to stay one step ahead of the competition in the rapidly expanding online insurance marketplace.

Bring Your Own Model

Your existing models have been customized, crafted, and then refined to match your business needs. The Earnix solution easily integrates existing models for use in the pricing process, saving you time. Models can be weaved into unique business processes to augment the Earnix software via the Software Development Kit (SDK) capability.

The Earnix Suite for Insurance

The Earnix Suite for Insurance offers the most comprehensive and integrated insurance-focused analytics tools, combining data management, visual modeling, simulation and dynamic pricing as well as deployment and monitoring into a single platform. Gone are the days of stitching together multiple niche and legacy solutions.

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Our Experts at Your Service

We have been providing solutions and services to the world’s most sophisticated companies for nearly two decades. Our consulting teams are experts in the operational aspects of the insurance industry.

We work with you to develop analytical programs that enable your organization to predict and prescribe the best decisions around risk, retention, margin, volume, and price. At the end of the process, you will be self-sufficient and have the analytical tools and know-how to make data-driven optimized decisions.

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Our Experts at Your Service

Earnix consulting teams are comprised of analytics experts and data scientists with deep domain experience in financial services. Our trusted advisors work closely with clients to define and develop models tailored to their specific needs.

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Improve Results Using Customer Insights

“Earnix Insurance improved profits by over 3.5% of premium while achieving slightly higher retention levels than the incumbent strategy.”
- Leading Personal Lines Insurer

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