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Seamless end-to-end rating operations for health insurers

End-to-end rating excellence, with outstanding governance

Health insurers are more than policy providers to their clients. Beyond a contract, this is a relationship of caring trust. Earnix is here to give insurers that special edge, that makes their clients feel special and cared for. With outstanding automation, fast offer delivery, and sophisticated product personalization, insurers will gain that special edge to be able to provide special care.

The Earnix Solution

Relying on advanced analytics, automation, and integrated machine learning, the Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine empowers health insurers with a fast, trustworthy backbone system - with outstanding governance features.

The Earnix personalization applications make sure, that accurate health insurance offers are delivered to new and existing customers in a timely manner.

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Transformation, across lines-of-business

Earnix turns insurance companies and banks into digital winners of their market remotely and incrementally.

Solution Highlights

Business velocity: from data to deployment

Enjoy real-time deployment and execution, governance, control, and compliance with the Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine. Deliver value fast, to the right endpoint with our enterprise-wide, cloud-based system. The rating engine is a highly scalable, agile solution serving as a solid foundation for pricing and personalization applications.

Sell like a digital leader

Make your offering accessible and digital for all customers with Earnix products. Use advanced personalization features for smart offer delivery, and our proactive customer engagement application to deliver custom bundles at the right time.

Ultra-fast ROI

Implement Earnix within any LOB within a few short months, with value delivered and actualized immediately. We deploy iteratively, with results delivered every step on the way.


analytical pricing

Create rates that are best not only for the enterprise but for your clients, too. Beyond its own advanced capabilities, Earnix’s pricing solution, Price-It supports integrated machine learning within rate calculations and their production-grade deployment.

product personalization

Deliver the right bundles for every customer, and make sure, that no one goes underinsured. Make sure that all customers are appropriately covered for all necessary health scenarios, and be there for them with the right offer when their needs or circumstances change.


Use AI and machine learning to identify changes in the health insurance needs of your customers and step in proactively to realign your offering. Reaching out at the right time, with the right, personalized bundles increases retention and brand loyalty, and turns insurers into smart, trustworthy advisors that proactively engage with customers when it matters the most.

The Earnix Products

Earnix Price-it

AI-powered analytical pricing

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Earnix Personalize-it

Behavioral-based product personalization

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Earnix Time-it

Real-time engagement

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Enterprise Rating Engine

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