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Lead the UBI Revolution

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is fundamentally changing the P&C insurance landscape. Customers are now demanding personalized insurance options that align with their usage patterns and specific needs, to the point where Nationwide now projects that more than 70% of new business will come from UBI by 2025. While many insurers can offer limited UBI options now, most struggle to execute in a proactive, efficient, and profitable way.

Get a Critical Head Start with the Earnix UBI Solution

Only Earnix is ready to help you overcome initial challenges and take advantage of all that UBI has to offer. We are uniquely positioned to provide state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, powerful analytics, and embedded telematics data on one platform that also integrates rating, pricing, filing, automation, deployment, and billing.

Get Ahead with Earnix Drive-It

Respond in real time to customers’ changing needs with advanced analytics and efficient delivery

We’re already helping leading insurers turn failing UBI programs into a highly functional, highly profitable competitive edge—and we’re ready to help you, too.

Solution Highlights

Eliminate uncertainty, gain a new competitive edge

The recent surge in customer demand in Usage-Based Insurance and Behavior-Based Insurance has left many insurers struggling to capitalize on this new opportunity. Earnix’s proven UBI solution eliminates barriers to entry and helps insurers develop highly effective UBI offerings now—before the competition.

Accelerate your time to market

Identify, create, and deliver personalized UBI offerings that address customers’ new demands and changing needs in real-time. Available as a comprehensive solution, Earnix’s UBI offering empowers insurers to deliver the right product at the right price at precisely the right time.

Change and adjust in real time

Create more meaningful, customer relationships by providing real-time, personalized engagement whenever there is a change in their insurance needs or risk. Improve your ability to offer each customer the right UBI policy to fit their specific usage needs, critical in creating a continuous, meaningful relationship with individual customers.

Leverage intelligent telematics for precise risk scoring

Anticipate and proactively address the needs of the changing market – data accuracy, driving risk models, driver engagement – via real-time feedback provided by Drive-It, our state-of-the-art consumer telematics app built with over 5 billion miles of driver data.


Make UBI a reality

Integrate driving behavior data with your current risk data to model risk, price your UBI offer, and bill customers based on actual usage.

Personalize and win

Offer each customer the most appropriate UBI offer, at the right time, personalized to fit their specific usage and needs.

Support UBI programs

Create the UBI programs that meet your customers’ needs such as pay as you drive (PAYD), pay how you drive (PHYD), try before you buy (TBYB), and manage how you drive (MHYD) for driver coaching.


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