At the heart of it all:
perfect pricing

Driven by world-class data science, analytical modeling and AI

The empowered pricing process starts with Earnix

and compliance

Auditability, consistency, and accuracy. The Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine includes enforced access rights with full logging and auditing of the pricing, rating, and deployment process.


Start with one line-of-business, product, or geography – and scale and expand with ease with Earnix. Break down organizational and data silos throughout the enterprise.


Business continuity, enterprise-wide safety, and remote access are not optional anymore. Empower your system true agility, by moving it to the cloud.


Earnix Price-It empowers financial institutions to identify the right price by rapidly predicting, simulating and comparing the impacts and trade-offs of various pricing models in real-time.

Power up with

Smarter Business Velocity
Powered by expower, the Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine, new prices and rates reach customer touchpoints faster. Systemization is the key to success.
World-class analytics
Access world-class data science, analytical modeling tools, and machine learning - all within a single product. Use simulations and what-ifs to select the pricing strategy that meets customers' needs as well as corporate business objectives.
Full access and monitoring
Continuously monitor the performance of pricing strategies against business objectives. Price-It gives access to all pricing and rating processes, for agile, real-time modifications, reporting tools, and more.

Analytical Pricing, powered by a dynamic engine

The Earnix Enterprise Rating Engine propels you into the fully digitized world of perfectly priced and personalized insurance policies and bank loans, offered to the right customers right when they need it most. Amid turbulent economic market conditions and ever-changing customer behavior, Earnix enables smart, agile, safe insurance and banking operations.

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Hit your targets faster & smarter with Earnix

The Earnix analytical system is a powerful machine that is capable of propelling you and your customers into the new world of digital pricing/rating efficiency.

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