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Systemize the Financial Institution pricing process via an integrated, end-to-end product pricing and rating engine

Management Dashboard
Data Management
Visual Modeling
What-if Simulation
Decision Optimization
Release to Production
Monitoring and Reporting
Deliver optimal quotes, offers, and price recommendations to all online or offline customer interaction points

Easily Customizable Dashboards Provide a Complete View

Create dashboards that fit the needs of any line of business or department in the organization with the KPIs and metrics required to improve both consumer experiences and business results. 

Easily Customizable Dashboards Provide a Complete View

Create dashboards that fit the needs of any line of business or department in the organization with the KPIs and metrics required to improve both consumer experiences and business results. 

Import, Clean, Modify and Prepare Data for Analytical Usage

Embedded data management capabilities allow data to be uploaded and then used immediately – avoiding the inefficiency of having to duplicate data and use external data management tools to perform simple actions. 

Advanced Customer Behavior and Risk Modeling

Leverage traditional predictive or advanced machine learning models at the level of sophistication your organization needs – with best in class modeling capabilities. 

Simulate and Test Differing Business Scenarios

Many pricing scenarios must be considered in order to understand business tradeoffs. Develop simulations and refined estimates of potential outcomes before you deploy to market using what-if simulation. 

Understand Business Tradeoffs and Optimize Results with Analytics

Have a holistic view of your portfolio, combining predictive models across various dimensions, which enable you to optimize your desired business goal. Easily add or change constraints and understand the implications of your developed scenarios. 

Implement Real-time Pricing and Business Decisions

Manage the deployment of new pricing projects and strategies into production using real-time rating and offer management. Deployments can be performed by your analytics teams without IT intervention. 

Govern and Control with Monitoring, Reporting & Data Visualization 

Monitor and report on your KPIs to quickly understand if you are achieving your desired goals and if you need to modify pricing or business strategies. 


Real-time Delivery Straight to Your Customer Touchpoints

Deliver optimal quotes, offers, and price recommendations to all customer interaction points – whether web, mobile app, or a physical location.


End-to-End Pricing with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Earnix Price-it supports every stage of the pricing process, from modeling to pricing to rating engine style deployment, leveraging world-class data science, analytical modeling, and machine learning.

Speed Time to Market

Earnix Price-it enables Insurance and Banking institutions to identify the ideal price—fast—by rapidly predicting, simulating, and comparing the impacts and trade-offs of various pricing models. Earnix Price-it streamlines the process of bringing new products to online digital channels and sites by allowing financial institutions to deploy rates via rating engine capabilities - without the use of additional external systems.

Control and Governance

Earnix Price-it provides Insurance and Banking institutions complete governance and control over the entire process of pricing complex, risk-based financial products. By systemizing the pricing process, Earnix Price-it provides the traceability, transparency, and consistency organizations desire.


Analytics Driven Pricing

From traditional statistical methods such as Generalized Linear Models to advanced predictive and prescriptive models such as Gradient Boosting Machines and Random Forest machine learning models – Earnix Price-it is the most analytically advanced product purpose-built for Insurance and Banking institutions.

Leverage Our Pricing and Industry Domain Expertise

Earnix has been consistently innovating for Banks and Insurers around the globe for over 18 years. The Earnix team can help you operationalize the enterprise pricing process and analytical methodologies in alignment with your specific business goals and needs.

Enterprise Wide Pricing Deployment

Earnix Price-it can be used across multiple lines of business and departments, allowing Insurance and Banking institutions to deploy new pricing and rating strategies to the market in a matter of days instead of months.

Real Time Pricing

Rates can be deployed to online channels – at high volumes and in real-time - without the use of external deployment systems. The rating engine capabilities of Earnix Price-it enable high deployment volumes with limited involvement from IT.

Governance and Control

Unlike homegrown pricing processes, which do not audit, log, or track changes, Earnix Price-it delivers the traceability, transparency, and consistency needed through the tracking of every decision and every decision-maker involved in the enterprise pricing process.

Adhere to Both Corporate and Local Regulations

Earnix Price-it enables adherence to both corporate pricing policies as well as local pricing regulations. Pricing changes are documented and can be monitored for performance as needed.

Earnix Price-it Rating Engine

Earnix Price-it Insurance Rating Engine is a flexible and integrated rating management system which enhances insurers’ overall agility by enabling rates, rating structures, and models to be deployed to front-end systems and real-time production environments with limited IT involvement. Read more about the Earnix Price-it capabilities as an insurance rating system for insurers around the world.

Our Analytics Expertise In Your Hands

Once the Earnix Price-it implementation and training is complete, the power of the Earnix product pricing engine is in your hands. Being in control of your Earnix environment will ensure your peace-of-mind and ability to adjust strategies as business dictates. Unlike black-box analytical solutions, Earnix puts your data scientists and pricing managers in control of the parameters that drive pricing and product personalization goals, eliminating long-term reliance on external resources and consulting teams.

Better Together

Earnix Price-it is part of the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™, which leverages personalization to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving business results. Earnix Price-it works in combination with Earnix Personalize-it and Earnix Detect-it to offer the right product, at the right price, at the right time, while optimizing business results, maintaining governance and compliance, and improving the enterprise-wide, end-to-end product personalization and pricing process.

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