The Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™

Earnix Price-it

Earnix Price-it is a product pricing software that systemizes the complex end-to-end financial services pricing processes – from  optimizing pricing strategy to rate deployment. Organizations can now predict, simulate, decide and instantly deliver rates to market in a consistent and enterprise-wide manner using one of the best pricing software products on the market today.

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Earnix Personalize-it

Earnix Personalize-it allows organizations to define, personalize, and deploy financial product bundles or variances that perfectly match each customer’s unique needs. This product personalization software is backed by data science, world-class analytical modeling tools, and integrated machine learning.

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Earnix Time-it

Earnix Time-it enables Insurance and Banking institutions to proactively identify patterns that suggest life event occurrence and react by delivering the right financial product at the exact right price that positively impacts customer financial needs.

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Earnix Price-it Rating Engine Brochure

Read about the Earnix Price-it capabilities as a product pricing engine for insurers around the world.

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