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Case Study
Pricing Automation Helps LINK4 Boost Speed and Business Success
“We were looking for a much more modern pricing and rating platform. Our past approach used an on-premise mainframe-based system that simply wasn’t as reactive as we needed. It took too long to create new pricing models, make changes, and respond to real-time opportunities in the market.”
Case Study
BavariaDirekt Achieves Faster, Smarter, More Personalized Insurance with Earnix
BavariaDirekt were spending too much time and effort managing the many steps required to update pricing models and deploy them in online channels. That’s why they opted for Earnix’s modern, end-to-end pricing platform to help them overcome such challenges.
Case Study
Complete Automation Leads to Price Modelling Success for BGL Group
BGL Group is always looking for innovative, advanced solutions to deliver the best product offerings, service and value to its customers. To this end, BGL employed Earnix’s advanced pricing solution for meeting the needs of internal users and making the company more competitive.
Case Study
Gore Mutual Partners with Earnix to Improve Pricing and Rating Processes
Here’s how Gore Mutual used Earnix to improve its modeling, rating deployment and pricing processes — all from a single, end-to-end platform.
Case Study
D&G Improves Pricing Success with
Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
See how Earnix enabled D&G to price 40X more plans per month, and create highly personalized offerings based on real-time market changes.
Case Study
Warta: 29% Market Growth with Earnix's end-to-end Analytics
Warta, one of Poland’s largest insurance companies, has achieved with Earnix seamless end-to-end pricing, outstanding control over their pricing process while being able to deploy prices within hours. Read on for more.