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This is us

Earnix is an innovative and rapidly growing company in the domain of predictive customer analytics for the financial services industry. We work with the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

We believe in good tech

We believe in research, good tech, and due diligence. We also know that the company’s success lies in its people. (Is that you?)

Our employees
are superheroes

Our employees are all extraordinary. They all have their unique superpowers, so we do our best to nurture them and help them grow. We believe in open doors, learning, teaching, happy hours, lunch hours & work-life balance. In the end, before superheroes, they are all human first.

We pride ourselves
on our work

You might not have heard about us before, but Earnix is a world-leading expert in analytical pricing and rating for insurers and banks. But more importantly, our customers seem to like us, too– we have a humbling 100% retention rate.

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