Join us in London for Earnix Excelerate 2024

Join us in London for Earnix Excelerate 2024

With hundreds of professionals having attended last year, this year's Summit in September is expected to be even bigger and better. Now’s the time to discover what opportunities lie ahead and strive forward in making them a reality.

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Streamlining Pricing Processes for Improved Profitability

As the insurance industry faces intense market competition and evolving demands, the imperative to enhance pricing strategies is more critical than ever. One pivotal area that can significantly influence profitability and market responsiveness is the pricing process.

Responsible AI - Privacy, Transparency, and Fairness in Insurance

Join our panel of experts as they share their insights on privacy protection, transparency, and fairness in AI models. Discover how synthetic data generation can safeguard customer privacy while maintaining data quality and quantity.

Scenario Simulation and Price Optimization for Consumer Lending

Learn the ins and outs of “what-if” scenario simulation, optimization, and pricing strategies’ comparison and how these tools help eliminate the use of manual spreadsheet analysis and improve your daily tasks, and help you reach your goals.

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Personal Lending: The Fundamentals of Digital Loan Personalisation

After a rapid growth in interest rates for personal loans in 2023 despite a lagging increase in deposit rates, UK banks will face mounting margin pressures in 2024. On top of tighter margins, lenders will have to navigate a complex matrix of intensifying regulatory initiatives such as the Consumer Duty Act.

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The Pursuit of Agile Pricing Operations

Most lenders involved in personal and auto finance today know that they need to move away from manual revisions of pricing tables, lengthy deployment cycles, and reliance on spreadsheets for the right price calculation. Balancing loan profitability and volume while keeping up with the competition, requires proper pricing analytical tools to support your strategy.