Earnix Deploys Exclusivelyon the GlobalAWS Cloud Hosting Platform

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The industry-leading platform ensures an environment that is secure, compliant, highly available, and instantly expandable.

Capture and retain demanding customers and partners

Bringing leading-edge insurance technology to market requires absolute reliability, so you can focus on agility, innovation, growth, and customer experience (CX) excellence.

You must maximize availability and expandability for quoting new business, deploying new pricing algorithms, and performing critical data and analytics tasks to combat a competitor’s unexpected move.

Operating in a highly-regulated environment, insurers must also always keep security, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance front and center in their hosting decisions. There is no room for compromise on that front.

The right hosting decision is critical to success

There are many hosting options out there, and many are highly competent. But in the ultra-competitive world of insurance, competence is not enough. Excellence is where the bar is set.

When you implement Earnix technology to capture the benefits of Intelligent InsurOps, you need to ensure that your customers, prospects, and partners can do business with you whenever and wherever they choose, securely, 24/7/365. From initial contact, to rating and pricing, underwriting, account initiation, and account servicing, they expect personalized, “always on” attention.

The solid, flexible, secure cloud hosting platform

Earnix has partnered with AWS because its platform delivers the best combination of uptime and availability, security, ease of use and deployment, and the ability to expand and grow as your business evolves. You can have complete confidence in your application infrastructure and focus on the benefits that an Earnix implementation delivers.

Deploying your Earnix solution on AWS delivers these key benefits:
Industry-leading uptime and availability
Secure and encrypted data storage
Automated, secure backups
Tools for application management
Solid service level agreements (SLAs)
Many options for regulatory compliance
Flexible provisioning of services; and,
The ability to expand resources quickly.
Savings, time to market, customer service delivered

AWS counts some of the industry’s leading carriers as customers: Liberty Mutual, State Farm, and Unum among them. More than 100 Earnix customers have been reliably and flexibly deployed on the AWS platform.

These insurers have documented use cases that validate AWS’s high availability, quick deployment, and ability serve customers in milliseconds, thus accelerating product development, driving customer acquisition, and improving customer service.