Earnix Technology Connected with New Operating Models

Capgemini complements Earnix insurance technology with its proven global expertise in mobility, digital selling, risk modelling, customer experience (CX), predictive claims technology, and sustainability initiatives.

Thriving in a world of ever-growing demands

The insurance industry today is faced with challenges that go well beyond the traditional ones. In addition to managing the bottom line and ensuring regulatory compliance, carriers are under intense pressure to provide pricing on a real-time basis in order to close business with today’s demanding customers, especially younger ones.

Overall, the goal is to build a resilient and agile technology stack that will meet these needs now and in the future.

Operating models for quick reaction to change

Insurers must deal with a new and rapidly-evolving business environment, and put in place sustainable operating models, ones that will allow them to recognize change and react with agility.

Customer acquisition and experience (CX) rely on implementation of advanced analytical capabilities and dynamic pricing, based on AI and ML. Internal development of software and skills in this arena is too costly and time-consuming to remain competitive.

Transforming insurance across the spectrum

Capgemini helps insurers expand their business models in marketing, partner development, digital experiences, and channel mix.

At the intersection of business and technology, their efforts help underwriters make better and faster decisions by employing Earnix data analytics, AI, ML, and automation. Cloud-based deployment of dynamic pricing delivers real-time, personalized rates, while ensuring carriers’ long-term profitability.  

Capgemini brings to the table insurance industry expertise in several critical areas:
Customer acquisition and retention
Building resilient business models
Analyzing and modeling evolving risks
Migrating legacy core systems
Deploying open systems; and,
Applying new technologies such as IoT
Readiness for today’s and tomorrow’s world

Insurers turn to Capgemini and Earnix to drive innovation in forecasting, risk assessment and pricing, and the development and deployment of applications that attract and retain even the most demanding customers.

Capgemini’s dedicated Earnix team has applied its technology expertise since 2019 to migrating carriers’ legacy applications to modern, cloud-based environments, for agility, quicker time to market, and to reduce long-term operating cost.