Maximize Return on Rating Technology
Investments and Shorten Time to Benefit

The dynamic combination of Earnix’s leading-edge technology with Deloitte’s global insurance industry expertise shortens time to market, increases competitive advantage, and delivers long-term success.

Brad Middleton, Director Pricing and Rating, Deloitte Canada
Capture more business and beat the competition

There is no time to waste in your journey to Intelligent InsurOps, a data-driven world that enables insurers to identify new business opportunities, better serve customers, grow sales, and improve operations. Our partnership with Deloitte will allow you to unlock advanced analytics for underwriting, dynamic pricing strategies, real-time rating, and fast delivery of personalized offers.

Achieve maximum benefit in minimum time

In the intensely-competitive world of insurance, a successful transformation and ongoing success require a skillfully-applied combination of technology, business savvy, implementation expertise, and a long-term view of effective and efficient operations.

Internal development is too expensive and time-consuming, and results in lost time to market, deteriorating competitive position, and a long “tail” of ever-increasing expenses for maintenance and support.

An end-to-end answer to rating and pricing success

Working closely with Earnix, Deloitte professionals apply their global leadership in the insurance industry to optimize rating and pricing, meeting the ever-increasing demands of impatient customers, to ensure maximum success. Their dedicated team of Earnix advisors is ready to analyze, design, develop and deploy Earnix solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Deloitte’s insurance practitioners deliver comprehensive services in these areas:
Business analysis
Actuarial science
Solution design
Systems integration; and,
System rollout
Beat your competition to the punch, and stay ahead of the pack

A partner since 2019, Deloitte has implemented Earnix with such leading insurers as Gore Mutual, Co-operators Group, and Aviva Group.

Deloitte has dozens of trained Earnix experts worldwide to deliver a full range of consulting and advisory services in pricing and rating.

Earnix and Deloitte combine a winning combination of technology and industry expertise that results in optimized solutions, rapid returns, and efficient operations.

Pricing modernization - an investment in profitable growth

"The logical end state of speed is real-time rating—with up-to-the-minute pricing adjustments based on data such as market demand, supply, weather conditions, and any combination thereof—so there’s zero lag between price development and rate deployment, and rate-change frequency becomes near infinite"

“Thanks to Earnix, we can now develop, deploy, and refine pricing models much faster than before. This has helped us personalize our insurance offerings for our customers and given us a new competitive advantage. Earnix has been a game-changer for us.”

Deb Upton
Vice President, Pricing and Actuarial, Gore Mutual Insurance Company, speaking of impact of Earnix technology, as implemented by Deloitte Canada