Delivering Business Flexibility Through Integration with Modern Core Policy Systems

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Exavalu brings its deep knowledge and experience in insurance advisory and system integration services to implement Earnix Price-ITTM and Underwrite-ITTM solutions for pricing and rating carrier agility.

Combine strategy, product innovation and core modernization

Insurance organizations today cannot survive by clinging to “business as usual” operating models, or by following inflexible and lengthy rate change processes. To compete and thrive, carriers must combine  modern analytics capabilities and flexible pricing change management with precision and agility. Carriers that focus on core modernization must also address pricing flexibility at the speed of business.

Providing a “360” Customer Experience in Insurance requires pricing flexibility and personalization

In today’s market, carriers must employ modern and flexible pricing and rating operations backed by sound analysis.

Customer acquisition and retention requires the application of powerful analytics, AI, and Machine Learning to enable core policy management systems.

Exavalu and Earnix have partnered to deliver modern pricing and rate change management that places business teams at the center of creation and activation of profitable pricing models.

Delivering innovation across the customer and product lifecycle 

Earnix and Exavalu work together to deliver advanced transformation solutions through integrations to a range of platform configurations and core systems. Exavalu’s advisory services, technology consulting, and system integration teams bring decades of combined experience in working with top tier P&C insurers to meet the most pressing strategic transformational challenges. Through expertise in risk and regulations, digital innovations, core technology integration, analytics and emerging Insurtech partnerships, Exavalu complements Earnix’s modern and innovative approach to pricing and rating to accelerate value realization.

Exavalu delivers expertise in a variety of key areas: 
Operating model and technology advisory services
Digital transformation & carrier innovation enablement
Core and eco-system architecture and system design
Core systems modernization
Technology integration and composable API enablement
System integration and solution delivery
Core systems transformations that drive acquisition and retention 

Exavalu implements a wide range of core platforms along with Earnix rating and pricing technology. Policyholders can perform self-service operations across the lifecycle, resulting in complete realization of new operating models and transformational digital experiences.

Exavalu and Earnix can help accelerate the transformation of carriers’ operations quickly and cost-effectively, new capabilities to pricing and actuarial teams to accelerate product innovation and implementation.

"As Carriers modernize their core, digital and data capabilities, coupling modern Pricing Analytics, Accelerating Market Data Integration and Automating Rate Manufacturing and Deployment using a single modern, low-code pricing and rating system become essential for speed to market. Exavalu’s deep insurance technology and operational advisory and implementation expertise complement the power and flexibility of the Earnix platform to create a competitive advantage for digital carriers."

Saurav Basu
President and Founder, Exavalu Inc.