Working Together to Modernize Insurance Processes and Systems

Sollers brings a wealth of experience in European markets and a growing presence in Asia and North America to its work with Earnix across the full customer lifecycle, with a focus on customer orientation, digitalization, flexibility, efficiency, and speed.

Tomasz Klukowski, Head of Products, Sollers
Bringing new, more flexible technology to market faster

Earnix’s mission is to move insurers as quickly as possible to the world of Intelligent InsurOps,  where data and analytics drive competitive advantage, open new opportunities, improve customer service, and grow customer bases. By partnering with Earnix and Sollers, you can reach that world faster, taking full advantage of advanced capabilities for pricing, rating, underwriting, and the delivery of personalized offers.

Balancing aggressive goals with prudent strategies

Carriers are in a competitive race to move to digital services for growth. To do that they must bring to bear analytically-driven pricing technology, implementation expertise, and more effective and efficient operations.

Going together with this “need for speed” are requirements for carriers to maintain strong governance and regulatory oversight, guard their bottom lines, ensure stability, and implement technology that is agile and predictable.

Proven technology design and delivery experience

Sollers applies its extensive experience in transformations to guide clients from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance.

They are a leading implementer of Earnix technology. Their experience and attention to detail in such areas as process, compliance, and integration deliver a single, comprehensive solution.

Sollers is also the leading implementer of Guidewire in Europe, further enhancing the value they can deliver to carriers.

Sollers brings experience in the insurance industry in many key areas:
Knowledge of numerous core systems
Flexible front ends for product offerings
Connecting partners for time to market
Usability improvements (UX and CX)
Business process optimization; and,
Risk and asset management tools.
Systems design and implementation for success

Sollers Consulting has delivered enterprise solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia, and has built a dedicated Earnix consulting practice. This allows them to apply successful solution strategies for insurers across a broad spectrum of challenges.

Working with Earnix, the Sollers team leverages its knowledge of insurance core systems and complex projects, and its agile approach means speed to market and short time to benefit.