Driving Innovation Together: the most Comprehensive Rating, Pricing and Underwriting Solutions in the Market with Earnix’s Technology Partners

Earnix partners with the leading core systems and complementary technology companies in the Financial Services & Insurance ecosystem. Technology partners provide Earnix with the ability to leverage cutting-edge technology and stay at the forefront of industry trends - to round out product offerings - and to put Earnix in the best possible position to solve customer problems.

Technology Partners

Earnix's technology partners provide clients with access to cutting-edge tools, software, and platforms that enhance their pricing, product development, and risk management capabilities. These partnerships enable clients to leverage the latest advancements and stay on the cusp of innovation in their industry. 

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Earnix and Its Strategic Partners

We recently caught up with Ruth Fisk, Earnix’s Head of Business Development, and she shared with us how the Earnix partner program works, and the value it brings to Earnix customers.
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