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Engage your Customer in Perfect Timing

Earnix Time-it enables Insurance and Banking institutions to detect and react to life events that impact customer financial needs with contextually relevant financial product offers.

Be Proactive

Earnix Time-it automates the process of sensing, interpreting, and acting on customer signals for financial product need, enabling financial institutions to be better perceived as relationship-driven trusted advisors, while improving customer conversion rates.

Systemize Contextualization from Life Event to Product Purchase

Earnix Time-it uses data science, world-class analytical modeling tools, and integrated machine learning to identify patterns that suggest life event occurrence and financial product need. This triggers the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite to proactively deliver the right product with the right - at the exact right point in time. When event detection is integrated with financial product personalization software – you get a single system interface to deploy, monitor, and improve relevancy and simplicity, and thereby purchase conversion.

Use Data and Analytics to Differentiate

Combine internal data with external data sources to understand the customer journey from life event to purchase. Use advanced analytics to anticipate and forecast customer needs and automatically deliver personalized offers. Then, iterate and continuously improve both product relevancy and delivery timing.

Leverage the full Earnix Product Suite

Earnix Time-it is part of the Earnix 3D Personalization Product suite and leverages the data management, modeling, optimization, monitoring, and reporting capabilities of the Suite. Earnix Time-it seamlessly integrates with Earnix Price-it and Earnix Personalize-it to add price and product dimensions to product personalization.

Our Analytics Expertise In Your Hands

Once the Earnix Time-it implementation and training is complete, the power of the Earnix is in your hands. Being in control of your Earnix environment will ensure your peace-of-mind and ability to adjust strategies as business dictates. Unlike black-box analytical solutions, Earnix puts your data scientists and pricing managers in control of the parameters that drive pricing and product personalization goals, eliminating long-term reliance on external resources and consulting teams.


Smart Event Detection

Whether you leverage business rules or analytic based models and algorithms, Earnix Time-it provides the analytic flexibility you need to proactively engage with your customers.

Deployment Agility

Easily deploy Earnix Time-it to augment Earnix Price-it and Earnix Personalize-it, adding a much-needed timing component to your pricing and product personalization initiatives.

Leverage All Data Sources

Combine self-generated quote, model, and risk data from Earnix Price-it and Earnix Personalize-it with first party claim and transaction data as well as third-party telematics, digital, and device data to create a superior, personalized, well-timed offer. Advance your personalization programs to shift the way your organization interacts with consumers.

Better Together

Earnix Time-it is part of the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™, which leverages personalization to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving business results. Earnix Time-it works in combination with Earnix Price-it and Earnix Personalize-it to offer the right product, at the right price, at the right time, while optimizing business results, maintaining governance and compliance, and improving the enterprise-wide, end-to-end product personalization and pricing process.

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