Timing makes perfect

Smarter proactive customer engagement solution

It all starts with faster, smarter, and safer pricing

Governance and compliance

Personalization practices must support both corporate policies, as well as local regulation. The Time-It software enables organizations to monitor and govern personalization practices.


The Earnix personalization products (Personalize-It and Time-It) are scalable and can infuse the whole enterprise with AI and ML-driven pricing practices.


With Time-it, proactive engagement can be initiated by a number of triggers, via real-time deployment capabilities.

Real-time, at the right time

Expowered & personalized
Powered by expower, Time-it proactively leverages the smart personalization capabilities of Personalize-it to create a timely insurance offering, that’s right for the customer’s life event and current insurance needs.
World-class analytics
Time-it smartly uses AI and machine learning to identify the life event or the moment when there is a change in the insurance needs of a customer.
Proactive engagement
Time-it enables banks and insurers to be smart, trustworthy advisors that proactively engage with their customers when it matters most.

Hit your targets faster & smarter with Earnix

The Earnix analytical system is a powerful machine that is capable of propelling you and your customers into the new world of digital pricing/rating efficiency.

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